Why is it not appropriate to use threaded pipes for cooler replacement tubes?

Stainless steel pipes are mostly used for cooler replacement pipes, and threaded pipes are rarely used. Why is this? Let's take a look at our company's explanation for everyone!

First of all, because the inner wall of the stainless steel pipe is smooth, it is not easy to scale and has a long service life. When the rubber ball is put into cleaning, the heat exchange effect can be guaranteed for a long time. Therefore, it is suitable for cooler tube replacement.

Secondly, because of the poor quality of circulating water, it is easy to scale in the threaded pipe. In addition to the horizontal placement structure of the cooler, the cooler is installed horizontally when changing the pipe, which easily causes scaling on the lower part of the threaded pipe.

Finally, the threaded tube is based on the smooth tube, and is extruded with a die, which causes mechanical damage to the surface of the tube, which is easy to cause stress corrosion during use, resulting in a shorter life.


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