What are the advantages of surface treatment of the cooler before corrosion protection?

The cooler is a common equipment used for mutual heat transfer between two media with different temperatures. It is a common equipment widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery and other industrial sectors. With the high development of the industry, energy The problem is that people pay more attention to the cooler. From design to application, from improvement to maintenance, many technical experts are committed to reducing costs and increasing the service life of the competition. Among them, the more concerned is the anti-corrosion problem of coolers. .

The benefits of surface treatment before the anticorrosion of the cooler

1. After the pipe of the cooler is hot rolled or cold drawn, it is assembled and requires expansion or welding. The inside and outside of the tube bundle not only contains rust such as oxide scale, but also impurities such as oil stains, so the surface is coated with anticorrosion. In order to obtain a tightly coupled anti-corrosion layer, the inner and outer surfaces of the tube bundle must be thoroughly pre-cleaned.

2. Oxide scale is the scale formed in hot processing such as hot rolling or welding. It has a different expansion coefficient from the steel itself. It is easy to crack into crevices after cold and heat cycles during use. If it is coated without surface treatment, it will not only The bonding force is not good, and the coating will inevitably have pinholes, and the coating will be destroyed by water vapor entering the pinholes and causing corrosion.

3. Oil stains on the steel surface will seriously affect the adhesion, because the paint adheres to the steel surface by the extreme attraction of the intermolecular secondary bonds. If the steel surface has oil stains, the adhesion is extremely strong for the polar resin coatings. Difference.

In addition to removing surface impurities, surface treatment can also increase the roughness. Due to the mechanical engagement and chemical bonding, the bonding force of the coating is greatly improved.


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