About Us


Taizhou Jiyi Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company that provides efficient and high-quality heat exchangers to promote the progress of energy technology.

Taizhou Jiyi Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces motor coolers, air coolers, high-efficiency oil coolers, and plate heat exchangers. The products are widely used in mining, steel, compressors, chemicals, ships, electric power, metallurgy, and engineering machinery. In other industries, the company's sales and service network is all over the country.

Taizhou Jiyi Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. has an efficient, pragmatic and excellent team, and advocates the corporate culture concept of creating value for employees, creating value for customers, and creating value for society. Adhere to the quality policy of "adhere to careful design, meticulous procurement, lean production, and ensure zero defects of products".

Taizhou Jiyi Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. always adheres to the customer-oriented principle. Through our efforts and innovation, we meet the existing and potential needs of customers with excellent products and excellent services, exceed customer expectations and win customers' trust.

Quality quality:

Since the establishment of Taizhou Jiyi Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd., quality has always been our focus. Due to our long-term commitment to the quality and innovation of cooling technology, Jiyi heat exchange equipment has become one of the leading companies in the domestic industry.

The company has been abiding by the regulations of the International Certification Organization and carefully using modern quality inspection systems. All products are consistently developed and completed through our quality management system, and we have gained a good market position.


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