The manufacturer simply analyzes the pressure test technology of the oil cooler

The oil cooler pressure test is mainly used for the pressure test of the oil cooler. The maximum test pressure is 5Mpa, the output pressure is infinitely adjustable, and the pressure rise speed can be controlled. Water is used as the medium, compressed air is used as the power source, and the output pressure is proportional to the driving air source. It has explosion-proof function and is easy to operate. Multi-station experiments can be stopped, and the experiment process and results do not affect each other.

Using computer fully automatic control, can freely set the water filling and exhausting time, pressure holding time, aeration cleaning time, and experimental pressure. Technical request. When the diagonal length of the tested cooler core is less than or equal to 800mm, the diagonal difference shall not be greater than 3mm; when the diagonal length is greater than 800mm, the diagonal difference shall not be greater than 5mm.

The oil cooler is not allowed to be damaged by bumps, and the lodging area of the heat dissipation belt shall not be greater than 2% of the front surface area of the core. Repair welding is allowed for the oil cooler. After repair welding, the heat dissipation belt should be straightened, and the burnt face of the repair welding shall not be larger than the front surface of the core. 2% of area. Oil cooler pressure test technical parameters Test medium: water, hydraulic oil, emulsion, etc. Test accuracy: 0.01Mpa Number of test stations: Test pressure: 0-5Mpa Temperature control range: Normal temperature test Timing time 0- 100-hour experimental curve.

The control software automatically displays the curve, the curve is displayed in real time, and the sample can be enlarged and reduced. Device mode: threaded connection, tooling 4. Special fixture for oil cooler with special features, convenient operation 2 The experiment is automatically controlled by the computer, and the experiment data is recorded in the whole process, which can be requested Automatically generate reports to enable efficient automation of the hose experiment.


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